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Estate 8 shot at 90 ft with a .645 choke

Formerly Acker Cardshoot Barrels. 

Under NEW ownership and management.

Featuring a new two step chamber design, improved welds (Tig) and the firearm designed Alumahyde finish, upgrade to Brownells Gunkote or Cerakote finishes

I have a no return policy! These are custom made to order barrels and chokes. I will work with you to try and make you as satisfied as possible but I will NOT accept returns.

Keep checking back for additional improvements and available upgrades.

Get ready for your best cardshoot, turkeyshoot, blockshoot season ever!

These Barrels and Chokes are made with absolute precision and hand made on a lathe.

Improve your winnings and put the odds more in your favor with a precision custom barrel by Chief’s Custom Cardshoot Barrels and Chokes

Custom built barrels for Remington 870, Winchester 1200, 1300, Mossberg 500, and most single barrel shotguns

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Custom machined chokes for Remington, Winchester, Savage, Mossberg, and Browning Invector.

Precision Machined from stainless steel in any size from .635 to .680.  All have wad stoppers and 8 straight grooves as shown.

Custom machined 4 1/2" Long Chokes for Mossberg 835 and Invector Plus

.812 Drop in chokes also available


This is a SPECIALTY item for the serious card shooters

Here is a Custom built 1" dia. 32" long 870 barrel for block and card shoots. A stock barrel is no competition against one of my precision custom barrels. Barrel has 10 straight groves .731 bore and machined match chamber. I also offer an upgrade to 18 lines. It has an upgraded 3 1/2" drop in choke system.Your choice of choke sizes from .635 to .680, OR you can choose the standard manufacturer screw in choke system. We will work with you on choke sizes for your shot sizes and distances. Also available in 36 inches and 1 1/4" dia. barrels.

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